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Thinking about investing in a Marketing Strategy?

Let's get the message RIGHT,

Before you send the message OUT.

I want Common Sense solutions!

The main reason marketing efforts fail is that they are based on the functions and features of a product or service, instead of focusing on how the product or service solves the customer's problem or fills a need.

To understand your customers, you need to observe, ask questions, and empathize with their struggles before, during, and after their purchase. It's a lot like a game, and every move counts.

I will help you improve your customer relationships, better your marketing results and increase referrals by:

•  Building solid personas to represent your core customer base•  Exploring customer journeys as they interact with your business•  Identifying the struggles customers encounter online and in store•  Suggesting and implementing solutions to remove the pain points that may discourage purchase or conversion•  Retooling your marketing channels to contain consistent and engaging content that resonates with your clients

Give me an hour of your time, and I'll help you discover how to refine your message and engage more customers.

I want more customers

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Are you building relationships with your customer channels,
or sending mixed signals?

Here's a few things to consider...

A website is more than a page, it must ENGAGE.

Is you website mobile? Is your website doing all it can for your business? Does it have a clear contextual message and build trust with your customers, so they hit that BUY or CONTACT button? The answer might surprise you.


Help my Website be Awesome

Down on your Social Media luck?

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. Effective Social Media campaigns are planned and speak to your audience, building trust and relationships. Don't leave your efforts to the roll of the dice.


I want to change my Luck

Tish's advice and design was crucial to developing
a successful online presence in which to sell and promote EZ Tie.

She constantly looks for ways to improve how I interact with my clients
and fulfill orders, along with elevating my advertising
and marketing efforts. She handles the most simple tweaks of an ad
or website change to complex promotions and integration of sales channels,
 simplifying the process so I can get to what I do best...selling EZ Tie.
She is my go-to graphics, design and customer interaction specialist.

–Jim Walters, EZ Tie Systems

I put myself in your customers' shoes, discovering disasters and delights in your buyer's path to purchase and beyond.

KNOW what prevents your customers from completing a sale, or what keeps them coming back for more. It's not what you think it is.


I want to know why they buy

Common sense is your trump card.

It's not just pretty design. It's smart, deliberate communication with your clients that makes their life easy, and makes your company shine. Simple.


I want Common Sense!

My mission is to support small local business growth by providing customer insights & design solutions at a reasonable rate with proven results
giving you the edge over your competition
both online and in person.

Knowing what your company is all about
and identifying your target customer is only half the battle.
Taking the time to make sure you are properly organizing your site
and the flow of information will better engage your customers
and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

–Lindsey Weber, EAG Advertising